Our 2015-16 season is kicking off with our first ever theatre festival – TOSAC Fest 2015: Debut. In honor of our own “debut” we will be showcasing a trio of new plays, all by local playwrights. We are thrilled to be presenting these never before seen shows to our community (shows contain mature content):

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The festival will begin with a dramatic comedy written and directed by Thomasville’s own Joana Russell, a Thomasville High School graduate and former UGA student. Ms. Russell’s play titled Our Collective Delusions is being performed on September 18th, 19th, and 20th. The story follows college student Savannah as she struggles to reconcile her relationship with her mother after an unplanned pregnancy. Set in a small town in south Georgia, this play features relatable characters who enjoy drinking their ice-cold sweet tea ’round the kitchen table, gossiping about the neighbors!

The second installment will be a courtroom drama titled Splintered Judgement. Written by the Tallahassee native Allie Howe and directed by Havana Harold editor Byron Spires, this play focuses on a minor crime that leads to a life sentence. Based on a local case, the protagonist is given a guilty verdict and, because of the mandatory minimum sentence laws, is condemned to life in prison. As he tries to flee the courthouse, he ends up in a room with the six jurists who moments before determined his fate. Performances are September 25th, 26th & 27th.

The third and final play during TOSAC Fest 2015 is a comedy/drama written by Thomasville’s Robin Branda titled Margarita Land, Barbie Nettles directs. Three once healthy, handsome, vital men have grown older and fallen prey to many failings, which include primarily a special margarita they make from cheap tequila and the nectar of the black mangrove. Life has relegated them to a ten-acre hardwood hammock in the southern everglades, once their hunting, fishing and partying locale, but now their home. The former lawyer of the group has an idea to spring them from their impoverished existence: sue Jimmy Buffet. This humorous tale will be performed October 2nd, 3rd & 4th.

Between the plays, The Bookshelf will be hosting “Playwright Presents”, a series of Q & A sessions with each playwright (126 S. Broad St, across the street from our Storefront Theater!) Visit their Facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/BookshelfThomasville

Please join us as we celebrate local art and support the amazing writers and actors bringing our shows to life! See you there!