Thomasville On Stage and Company is thrilled to be back in the theater and announce our upcoming 2021 – 2022 season!

This season is dedicated in memory of Elaine Schlesinger Shank. Elaine, along with her husband Ron, were among the founding members of TOSAC. Elaine loved the theater and she loved to “play” – that’s what she called acting and entertaining others. She would often say to potential castmates, “Come ‘play’ with us!” Elaine became the highlight of every production not only as a cast member but especially when she attended a performance in the audience, giving thunderous applause and loud, raucous laughter at all the right cues. This energy would infiltrate the rest of the audience, as they shucked their inhibitions and began to laugh and respond loudly, energizing the cast on stage. Elaine was a legend, whether she was on stage making people laugh with her antics or her own, distinctive style of singing – and it certainly was her own style. She always made people feel good and wanted everyone to have a fun experience, whether in the audience or onstage. And now – on with the Show!

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