TOSAC Statement Regarding Ryan Carr


The TOSAC family was shocked and saddened to learn of the sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by Ryan Carr.

Mr. Carr had a brief relationship with TOSAC, first as an actor appearing in a production in late 2018, and then as an instructor in a joint venture with TOSAC called the Young Actors Conservatory, in which Mr. Carr was a contractor and served as an acting coach. During the approximate 6-month period in which the Conservatory was active, Mr. Carr instructed numerous students including at least one of the alleged victims. All Conservatory classes were observed and supervised by one or more board members of TOSAC. The Conservatory was discontinued in early fall, 2019, and Mr. Carr’s involvement with TOSAC concluded at that time.

TOSAC cannot comment upon the specific allegations made against Mr. Carr, other than to say that they occurred away from TOSAC premises, significantly after Mr. Carr’s relationship with TOSAC was concluded.